Disagree with the school district? Expect to get fired.

The DOJ labels parents as domestic terrorists. after an increase of parent involvement, investigations, calls for transparency, and videos of parents confronting the people they elected to represent them.

Educator groups organize to doxx parents, and then there’s this: At least one district employee screen-grabbed comments from parents’ social media sites. After finding out where they worked, they attempted to get them fired. Some employees of the district, including the Superintendent, are alleged to have participated in the scheme.

A lawsuit alleges that two Facebook groups, “RCS Parents for In-Person Education” and “Conservative Parents for Rochester,” were formed in response to the closure of schools and the shift to remote learning in April 2020, after Michigan closed the district in response to COVID fears.

As a result of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order, schools were closed for the remainder of the school year. Dinverno, who describes herself as an “effective and vocal advocate” for re-opening schools, was told she was “participating in the launch of threats against the school district” by a member of the school board. The board member then allegedly contacted her employer.

A parent employed by a nearby police department was one of the parents Dinverno allegedly learned had been contacted by the board. Furthermore, RCS lawyers sent cease and desist letters to several parents, including Dinverno, asking them to stop criticizing the school board. They claimed the posts were “false [and] injurious to the Board, and threaten further injury if left uncorrected.” According to the letters, legal action was being threatened.

To intimidate taxpayers and parents who objected to district policy, the district used staff and probably staff time to monitor social media. Afterwards, school district lawyers threatened taxpayers with legal action at taxpayer expense unless they agreed to do it pro bono.

In the Dinverno lawsuit, four individuals in the District are named. They are accused of intimidation to deny her First Amendment rights. 

You can read the suit as filed here (and rumor has it this has since been settled out of court, but not confirmed).

Is this happening more and more across the country? Such tactics are not unique to school districts.