Documents Released In Flynn Case And Congressional Transcripts Definitively Prove Russia ‘Collusion’ A Hoax

Newly released transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee and documents pertaining to the FBI investigation of general Michael Flynn confirm in plain language that the intelligence agencies and politicians who pushed the hoax narrative of Trump-Russian collusion as a means to discredit the president were lying since the beginning.

Last week, the Justice Department dropped its criminal case against Michael Flynn, president Donald Trump’s initial national security adviser. Documents recently released related to the case, as well as 57 transcripts of closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, as covered thoroughly by Tucker Carlson, demonstrate astoundingly underhanded, dishonorable, and dishonest activity on the part of the FBI and many Democratic politicians, who ever since 2016 have been hyping up a narrative that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to be elected president.

The allegations against Trump and his campaign were many, and relentlessly pushed by the mainstream media and his political opponents. Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidency. Russia interfered in the election to swing it for Trump. Russia hacked the DNC email servers and probably voting machines. Donald Trump was a Manchurian candidate infiltrating America at the highest level while under the direct control of America’s geopolitical enemy.

Factually, this narrative was dealt a death blow in December 2019 with the release of the report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The American Conservative, in a comprehensive write-up, detailed its conclusions: that a vindictive and vehemently anti-Trump FBI, in cooperation with foreign intelligence services, unleashed an unprecedented campaign of espionage, surveillance, interference, and propaganda aimed at damaging Trump’s election chances and discrediting his presidency which, if legal, speaks volumes about the dystopian condition of the US political system.

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To quote:

“We learn from the Horowitz Report that it was an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, a man with ties to his own nation’s intel services and the Clinton Foundation, who set up a meeting with Trump staffer George Papadopoulos, creating the necessary first bit of info to set the plan in motion. We find the FBI exaggerating, falsifying, and committing wicked sins of omission to buffalo the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts into approving electronic surveillance on Team Trump to overtly or inadvertently monitor the communications of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, Trump transition staffers, and likely Trump himself. Trump officials were also monitored by British GCHQ, the information shared with their NSA partners, a piece of all this still not fully public.”

The report reveals the FBI knew the infamous Steele Dossier, a piece of opposition research bought by the Clinton campaign, was nonsense, but used it anyway, purposefully deceiving the FISA court. They sought to infiltrate the Trump campaign and utilized foreign connections to obtain information, and dishonestly used Carter Page to justify monitor calls conducted by Flynn, Trump, and others. The full description bears reading.

Now, the newly released documents and transcripts from the Congressional committee chaired by Adam Schiff reveal the depth of low moral character to which everyone involved in perpetuating the Russia hoax had stooped, as it turns out that in testimony behind closed doors, multiple individuals admitted there actually was not nor ever had been any evidence that Trump colluded with Russia or that the election had been subverted.

A few examples follow:

“I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting or conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.” – James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence

“I’m not in possession of anything. I’m not in possession and didn’t read or absorb information that came out of the Intelligence Community.” – Samantha Power, former UN ambassador, upon being asked for evidence of Russian collusion

“I don’t recall intelligence that I would consider evidence.” – National Security Adviser Susan Rice

“I do not recall that being briefed up to me.” – Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General, when asked if she saw evidence of collusion

These and many other individuals, as Tucker demonstrated in his segment, consciously and unambiguously lied to the American public by making continual statements that there was evidence Donald Trump colluded with Russia, a claim they unambiguously knew to be false.

Despite this being continually made abundantly clear, at least to anyone who attentively investigates, this manner of operations which amount to unprecedented electoral interference on the part of the intelligence state shows no signs of abating. Narratives of Russian interference and collusion are already being inserted into the 2020 election, against both Trump and Bernie Sanders, and dutifully parroted by the complicit media class, salivating at the mouth to tear down the enemies of the establishment by any means necessary.

Even for Flynn, the battle is not over. Just when the Justice Department proposed an order to dismiss the case against him “with prejudice,” meaning he cannot be charged again, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan, in a gross display of shameless, unfounded partisanship, issued an order inviting third parties to file amicus briefs addressing the action in order to stall. Flynn, potentially targeted by Obama himself and persecuted by the FBI under ludicrous and dishonest charges, may have to wait longer to see justice done.

And lawless rule of the deep state marches on.

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