Even British Voters Believe that Immigration is a Crucial Issue

Immigration is not just a problem exclusively confined to the United States. Voters in the United Kingdom believe that immigration and asylum are the most important issues.  According to a YouGov poll, over half of Conservatives — 54% to be specific —  placed immigration within their top three issues in the week of August 9. In fact, immigration is the most important issue for UK conservatives, leap-frogging the economy and health as the most important policy concern for conservatives since the Wuhan virus broke out. 

This rising sentiment in favor of immigration restriction in the British Isles isn’t happening by coincidence. There are record numbers of migrants crossing the English Channel — something even the British press can’t ignore, 

For decades, the UK has had an immigration policy that has functioned as a magnet for mass migration from countries with cultures that are incompatible with British values. The Brexit vote was effectively an act of rebellion against these flawed policies that did not sit well with British voters. The UK is already marked by so-called, “no-go zones”, where immigrant ghettos have formed. No native-born Britons would dare walk into these areas because of the rampant crime present in them.

The West is facing an existential crisis thanks to the ruling class’s obsession with mass migration. People from the US all the way to Britain are waking up to this and are rallying around populist parties and movements. Liberty conservatives in America should lend their moral support to their British counterparts since we’re all facing similar fights against rulers who hate their respective nations and want to use mass migration as a blunt instrument against their historic nations, respectively. 

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