Extreme Neocon Congressman Peter King Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2020

The LBJ School of Public Affairs and the LBJ Presidential Library hosted U.S. Rep. Peter King, a 12-term Republican congressman from Long Island, NY, on Monday, Nov.9, 2015 for a special noontime conversation with University of Texas at Austin students, faculty and staff.  Rep. King is chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and a member of the Homeland Security Committee. He also serves on the Financial Services Committee and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School. LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) announced on Monday that he will not be seeking re-election in 2020, and will mercifully end his long career of promoting endless wars and police state abuses in Congress.

“I have decided not to be a candidate for re-election to Congress in 2020,” King wrote today in a Facebook post.

“My time in Congress has been an extraordinary experience – an experience I wouldn’t have even dared imagine when I was a kid growing up in Sunnyside or a college student loading and unloading trucks and freight cars at Manhattan’s West Side Railway Terminal. I intend to remain in Seaford, be active politically and look forward to seeing what opportunities and challenges await me in this next chapter of a very fortunate life,” he continued.

King stands by his record of extreme neoconservatism and gutting the Constitution while serving in political office.

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“Governmentally I will miss fighting for the people of my district and America and will always be proud of my efforts for 9/11 victims and their families; protecting our citizens from terrorism and MS-13; leading the successful effort to recover from Superstorm Sandy; being consistently cited for bipartisanship; working with President Clinton to achieve the Good Friday Agreement and end centuries of warfare in Ireland and Northern Ireland; and standing with the brave men and women of law Enforcement,” King wrote.

“Most importantly I want to thank the residents of the 2nd Congressional District for giving me the opportunity to represent them in Washington, D.C. I will complete my term of office and continue to work hard for these constituents all the way to the final bell of the final round on Dec. 31, 2020,” he concluded. “It’s been a great run! Thanks.”

Some of King’s greatest hits include his call to imprison journalist Glenn Greenwald for publishing Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks in 2013:

He also pushed unsuccessfully for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be deposed and replaced with Islamic militants, including ISIS.

“It was a year ago this all started. I remember being in the White House with (White House Chief of Staff) Denis McDonough talking about the importance of air attacks in Syria, and we had allies lined up and then the president pulled the rug out. And those allies are going to be very hard now to get back into a coalition,” King said in 2014, as he argued for former President Barack Obama to be more hawkish toward Syria.

King was also one of the biggest Congressional proponents of the Patriot Act, and he bashed the attempted filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to halt its re-authorization in 2015.

“What Rand Paul did was absolutely disgraceful,” King told Fox News. “It was shameful and disgraceful… He was hurting the American people’s security.”

King will not be missed to lovers of liberty and the Constitution. He is apart of the mass exodus of many establishment Republicans from Congress who are growing frustrated with President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda.

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