Facebook Censors Photo of 1970 Kent State Massacre on Anniversary of the Gruesome Killing

The social media giant Facebook censored a photo of the 1970 Kent State massacre where state goons murdered student protesters who opposed the Vietnam War.

The victims of the Kent State massacre included Allison Beth Krause, 19, Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20, Sandra Lee Scheuer, 20, and William Knox Schroeder, 19. The Ohio National Guard murdered these unarmed protesters in a tragic display that shocked the masses.

Facebook censored an iconic photo taken by John Filo of Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling next to the body of Jeffrey Miller after the shooting. This photo won a Pulitzer Prize and depicts a dark moment in American history, but it is being pushed down the memory hole by Big Tech censors.

“On the anniversary of the Kent State shooting, Facebook is apparently using an automated system to cover up posts that include the historic photo from the massacre. My post about it from three years ago was covered up just now,” tweeted independent journalist Ford Fischer, who first noticed Facebook’s censorship of the Kent State massacre photo.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Facebook’s censorship in the past, such as the time when they restricted the account of legendary former Texas Congressman Ron Paul:

In the midst of the most extreme, heinous and Draconian crackdown against free speech by Big Tech yet, libertarian hero and national treasure Ron Paul has been “temporarily” banned from Facebook under a suspicious rationale.

Paul made the revelation in a Twitter post on Monday that he had been locked out of his own Facebook page, supposedly for violating Facebook’s nebulous and unevenly-enforced terms of service…

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reposted the news about his father being targeted by Mark Zuckerberg’s team of censors…

Even though he is the victim of censorship, Paul was still able to get his “Texas Straight Talk” column out on the platform for the time being…

The censorship of Paul has shown that Big Tech is not limiting their censorship campaign to President Donald Trump and his supporters after last week’s contentious Capitol rally that turned violent. They are going after anyone with a point of view that is incongruent with the ruling regime. This corporate censorship is as injurious to liberty as any government censorship that has taken place.”

Facebook does not want the public to understand what happens when the state is able to amass unaccountable power against unarmed persons. This is the likely reason that they are censoring the photo of the Kent State massacre.