Fake News Media Thinks that Attacking Massie for His Anti-NATO Record is Somehow an “Own” 

Thomas Massie’s immaculate foreign policy record during the Russo-Ukrainian War has caught the attention of the corporate press.

Unlike his neoliberal and neoconservative colleagues, Massie has consistently opposed all of the hawkish measures directed against Russia. This makes the parasites in Mordor all sorts of angry. 

In a tweet that MSNBC posted on May 19, 2022, it stated “Rep. Massie holds a perfect 16-for-16 record opposing legislation to support Ukraine, and wants the United States to abandon NATO.”

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According to an article by The Washington Post, Massie is “the only member of the House to hold a perfect 16-for-16 record opposing legislation to support Ukraine and oppose Russia.”

The bobblehead media are pretending like Massie’s anti-interventionist record is some kind of own. 

In reality, it’s a glowing endorsement of Massie. His voting record vividly demonstrates that he is an America First patriot through and through. As a result, Kentucky Republican voters rewarded him handsomely during the Republican primaries in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district on May 17. 

In that race, he picked up 75%. Americans are sick of war, and instead want to focus on getting America’s domestic affairs in order. Politicians like Massie who recognize this are emphatically rewarded at the polls.