Far-Left Libertarian Party Chairman Nick Sarwark Announces That He is Quitting His Post

Controversial Libertarian Party (LP) Chairman Nick Sarwark, who has been widely criticized for his petty infighting and sympathy for leftist views, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election to his post after two terms of leading America’s largest third-party organization.

“With your support, we have achieved 50 state ballot access for the first time in over a decade, more than tripled every previous Presidential vote and fundraising record, expanded the capacity of the national office, and hit membership and candidate levels that haven’t been seen in nearly 20 years,” Sarwark wrote.

“In considering whether to seek another term as Chair, my greatest concern was that the progress and growth that has come from the work we have done together continue and accelerate. Thank you to everyone who shared your advice and support with me, it is greatly appreciated,” he added.

Sarwark has endorsed Joe Bishop-Henchman to take over his post as Chairman to continue his far-left reign over the LP.

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Liberty Conservative News has reported on Sarwark as he has taken petty shots at former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, the acclaimed icon for peace and prosperity, in an attempt to distance his party from the most successful libertarian in history.

He criticized Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) for carrying water because he posted a clip of Ron Paul defending President Trump from dishonest media attacks.

He even had the audacity to infer that Ron Paul was an agent of the evil Russians based upon a substance-free blog post written by a deranged leftist.

Sarwark also supports neocon regime change in Venezuela, posting a video indicating that foreign intervention should be supported to instill Western-backed puppet Juan Guiado as the new President.

“Libertarians across the country and globe are working every day to make their communities more free,” Sarwark wrote of the regime change effort in Venezuela spearheaded by extreme warmongers such as John Bolton and Elliot Abrams.

“Our hearts are with the oppressed everywhere, especially in Venezuela during this very difficult time in their history,” he added.

Paul warned against phonies like Sarwark as he delivered his address after the LP inducted him into the Hall of Liberty in 2016. Unfortunately, the LP did not heed his warnings as the video address played to the convention that year.

The LP will have a chance to defeat Sarwark’s successor, and put a principled libertarian in as Chairman during the next convention taking place in Austin, Texas from May 21-25, 2020.

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