Federal Debt Hits $26 Trillion, Debt Surged by $2 Trillion in Just 63 Days

As of June 9, 2020, the federal debt reached $26 trillion for the first time. According to data from the Treasury Department, the debt rose from $25,960,547,920,986.11 to $26,003,751,512,344.91

The federal debt surpassed $24 trillion for the first time back in April 7, 2020.

It then increased by another trillion dollars in just 28 days, hitting $25 trillion for the first time on May 5.

Terence P. Jeffrey published a chart illustrating the growth of the national debt since the 1990s:

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Jeffrey put recent numbers in perspective:

The 28-day climb from $24 trillion in debt to $25 trillion and the 35-day climb from $25 trillion to $26 trillion are the two fastest periods in which the federal debt has risen from one trillion-dollar threshold to another.

America is undergoing a profound crisis at the moment, which will require strong leadership from elected officials. The Wuhan virus pandemic has caught the U.S. off guard, and as a result, it has been compelled to spend considerable sums of money to stave off the pandemic.

If the national debt is not addressed, the U.S. could be faced with severe fiscal and economic disruptions in the ensuing decades.

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