Financial Guru Predicts a Totalitarian Future for the U.S., Plans on Escaping with Gold

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” believes that tough times are coming to the United States.

According to a report by David Lin at Kitco, Kiyosaki said that America used to be a capitalist country but is now falling for the Siren song of Marxism.

Kiyosaki fought in the Vietnam War and had seven uncles who fought during World War 2.

“I fought for capitalism,” he proclaimed. “America is going Marxist.”

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The financial guru argued that the rise of socialism in the U.S. began with the anti-war protests taking place during the Vietnam War.

“When I came back [from Vietnam] the hippies were outside just like the protesters are today in Chicago. I got hit with rotten eggs, I got hit with stink bombs, I got spit on and all this, and those were the hippies. Some of them were my classmates: SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), Black Panthers, all of those guys. And what happened to the baby boom SDS members? They became school teachers. A lot of my peers are now teaching in the highest levels of academia,” Kiyosaki commented.

Kiyosaki is also of the opinion that Americans are beginning to be stripped of their foundational liberties due to “mob” politics.

“The freedom of speech is gone. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and also the freedom of religion,” he stated.

In correspondence with Kitco, Kiyosaki revealed that he has been preparing for a scenario where he would have to leave America. In addition, he has prepared for potential economic collapse by acquiring gold and silver — both proven safe-haven assets.

“Way back when I started storing gold in Switzerland and in Singapore, so in case I had to run, plus I had different passports. Gold and silver are flight capital, and as you know, the only people making money today in America are moving vans,” he noted.

He also considered Bitcoin to be a safety asset due to its alleged status as an “international currency” and how it “operates outside the Fed and the Treasury.”

Kiyosaki has been one of the leading contrarian voices in finance in the last 30 years.

His insights have helped countless beat the rat race and become financially independent. The fact that he is becoming worried about the U.S. is a telling sign that there may be rough times ahead.

All liberty conservatives should prepare accordingly and look at precious metals and alternative investments as a way to safeguard their wealth.