Flashback: Julie Borowski Argues that Guns Do Not Kill People

Liberty conservative Julie Borowski has been one of the most vocal proponents of the right to bear arms on YouTube.

In today’s debate on gun policy, emotions usually trump logic.

But a video by Borowski in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 should remind us about why the gun debate needs more facts and less emotion.

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The main focus of her video was about how people, not guns are the ones responsible for these shootings.

She started off by saying that a gun “by itself, it cannot do any harm or good.”

The commentator emphasized that “this hunk of steel is not the problem. People are the problem.”

She was also quick to point out the level of media sensationalism behind these events. In her view, the media “turns mass killers into household names.”

The salient point throughout this video was that deranged individuals are the ones responsible for these shootings. On top of that, no laws will stop these individuals from getting guns.

That, however, falls on deaf ears once the political class starts debating the issue.

On the Left, there’s an immediate reaction to call for gun control measures such as expanded background checks and bans on certain types of weapons.

However, the establishment elements of the Right are also complicit in advancing anti-gun narratives. For example, Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Senator Lindsey Graham are both championing red flag gun confiscation orders. Under these laws, guns can be confiscated from individuals who are perceived to be threats without any form of due process.

The approaches of both parties miss the mark. We do have a mental health crisis, but it does not require a state response. School policies regarding security should be overhauled, gun-free zones should be abolished, and civil society should be strengthened. More freedom, less state.

What we can take away from Borowski’s video is that emotional knee-jerk responses should not guide our decision-making when it comes to gun policy.

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