Flashback: Nancy Pelosi Calls Thomas Massie a “Nuisance” for Standing Up for Fiscal Conservatism

DC’s big spending ways are known to all. From so-called “defense” to social welfare spending, politicians in DC are hell-bent into spending the United States to fiscal oblivion. 

During the Wuhan virus pandemic era, DC proved yet again why it cares little about fiscal restraint. For example, during the initial stages of the pandemic in the Trump era, Congress signed off on a massive Wuhan virus spending bill that totaled $2 trillion. And Congress passed this bill without even bothering to take a public roll call vote on it. 

This irked Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie. He demanded that his fellow lawmakers head back to Congress and publicly vote on this stimulus bill.

House leadership blocked Massie’s move, but he took pride in being the sole representative that stood up for legislative accountability. After that move, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s show to blast Massie. Pelosi declared, “We always knew we would pass this bill, and we would pass it today. And that we would not let any nuisance stand in the way. And that’s really what he [Thomas Massie] was: a dangerous nuisance.”

Two years later, Massie reminded his followers on April 30, 2022, about Pelosi’s pettiness:

@SpeakerPelosi once called me a dangerous nuisance because I refused to let her pass a $2 trillion spending bill by herself. If that’s her definition of a dangerous nuisance, I pledge to remain one for as long as she is speaker. 


Massie is one of the lone voices of reason in Congress. That’s why he’s so hated by the open borders, big spending, and never-ending war cabal that inhabits the Swamp. If the US Congress had more Thomas Massie, we’d have a stabler economic and geopolitical environment. 

But as long as establishment types occupy power in DC, we can only expect more policies that undermine the Historic American Nation.