Florida Could Be The Next State to Allow Citizens to Carry a Gun Without a Permit

Last week, Constitutional Carry was introduced in Florida.

State Representative Anthony Sabatini filed a bill — HB 273 — that would remove the licensing requirement for law-abiding individuals to carry a firearm without a license. In essence, law-abiding Floridians would not have to beg the government to exercise their right to self-defense.

“Today I filed HB 273, which deletes the requirement that a person obtain a permission slip from government before concealing a weapon for their self-defense—also known as “Constitutional Carry.” Our Second Amendment right should not be determined by a government bureaucracy,” Sabatini tweeted.

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If passed, this bill would make Florida the 18th Constitutional Carry state.

2019 has been a big year for Constitutional Carry. States like South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kentucky have already passed such legislation.

Hopefully, Florida joins these states’ ranks this year.

The previous year was not so great for the Sunshine State, as Rick Scott signed a red flag gun confiscation bill into law.

This year the state at least made ground by passing a teacher carry law. However, passing Constitutional Carry and repealing Florida’s 2018 gun control package, would put the state back on the path to Second Amendment freedom.




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