Former Congressman Justin Amash Tells Libertarians to Bow to Federal Authority in Anti-Jan. 6 Remarks

Former Congressman Justin Amash told reporter Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine during a recent podcast appearance that libertarians must work through the system no matter what in a strict admonishment of the protest that happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Amash appeared to make the case that there is no room in America for political violence under any circumstances, which betrays the legacy of the founding-era revolutionaries and the words written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. 

“I think we should be appalled about Jan. 6. We should say so. We don’t accept people breaking into the Capitol building and smashing things and injuring people and doing damage to our system of government. You know, we’re a party as the Libertarian Party, we are a party working in the system of government,” he said.

The clip can be seen here:

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Amash’s pathetic fall from grace after turning on his constituents and joining the deep state’s illegal and unconstitutional overreach due to his personal hatred of former president Donald Trump:

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) has taken the lead in calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and has released several lengthy Twitter threads rallying people against Trump. Amash’s criticism rests largely on the credibility of special counsel Robert Mueller and the testimony provided in his report.

One of those Twitter threads targeted Attorney General Bill Barr in particular with accusations that Barr misled the public on the contents of the report…

Amash also wrote, “Barr has so far successfully used his position to sell the president’s false narrative to the American people. This will continue if those who have read the report do not start pushing back on his misrepresentations and share the truth.”

There’s only one problem with Amash’s attacks: Mueller himself disagrees with them. He went out of his way to praise his long-time colleagues handling of the report while addressing the public this week.

“We conducted an independent criminal investigation and reported the results to the Attorney General—as required by Department regulations,” Mueller said. “The Attorney General then concluded that it was appropriate to provide our report to Congress and the American people.”

Mueller even noted that Barr went even further than he recommended when it came to transparency, releasing the entire report to the public when Mueller wanted to release it in snippets.

“At one point in time I requested that certain portions of the report be released. The Attorney General preferred to make the entire report public all at once. We appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public. I do not question the Attorney General’s good faith in that decision,” Mueller said.

If Amash truly cared about liberty, he would be drawing attention to the heinous mistreatment of the mostly-peaceful protesters detained after the Jan. 6 protest. However, Amash refuses to do so because he is a bad libertarian without courage, and he would have surely been a Redcoat if he were around in the days of America’s founding.