Former Libertarian Presidential Contender Speaks Out Against Biden’s Police State Takeover of America

Academic Jacob Hornberger, who ran unsuccessfully for the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party last year, is speaking out against President-imposed Joe Biden’s police state takeover of the United States.

Hornberger wrote “Milking the Capitol Melee for All It’s Worth” on the Future of Freedom Foundation blog after the Jan. 6 demonstration of Trump supporters against voter fraud turned violent. He warned of the Democrat Party’s overreach in response to the brouhaha.

“Not surprisingly, leftists are milking the January 6 Capitol melee for all its worth. There is a simple reason for that: they wish to use it to introduce a new wave of domestic tyranny into America, just as Republicans did after the 9/11 attacks. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start referring to the melee as simply 1/6,” Hornberger wrote.

He added: “That’s why they continue to describe the melee as an insurrection, revolution, rebellion, sedition, terrorism, invasion, and a grave attempt to destroy our democratic system and overthrow the government. It’s clear, according to leftists, that the intent of the “invaders” was to take control over the reins of the federal government and make Donald Trump king. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they determine that Russia was behind the ‘invasion.’

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While many libertarians like to equivocate and claim Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same to avoid being a leader, Hornberger is willing to call out the Left as a unique and pressing threat to liberty.

“One thing is certain: There will be increasing destruction of liberty in America, owing to the leftist reaction to what the Trumpsters did in the Capitol,” Hornberger wrote.

He even compared what happened at the Capitol to the Reichstag Fire. Regardless of whether or not these two events were promulgated or legitimate occurrences, both instances gave the perfect pretense for the national government to inflict large power grabs and rob the people of their rights.

“The Reichstag gave Hitler what he wanted. Germany was never the same again, until after it was defeated in World War II. Giving Hitler those emergency powers plunged the nation into years of darkness,” Hornberger wrote.

“There are some who say that Hitler himself instigated the Reichstag attack in order to provide the pretext for seeking emergency powers. (Would public officials really do such a thing?) Regardless, the lesson is clear: Public officials use emergencies and crises to expand power and destroy liberty,” he continued.

“We are now witnessing, once again, that phenomenon playing out here in the United States. A “crisis” is being used to make Americans afraid, very afraid. And then comes the additional layer of tyranny and oppression, which the afraid people go along with and even support. It’s an old racket, even going back before Hitler and the Reichstag Fire,” he concluded.

It is past time for libertarians to get serious and go to war with the Left, dropping the ridiculous pretense of political neutrality, and focus on defeating the political movement that wishes to permanently devastate human liberty with government force.