Former Liberty Senator Eric Brakey Mulls Run for Congress

Is liberty candidate Eric Brakey considering a run for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District?

At first glance, there appears be no rematch between U.S. Congressman Jared Golden and former Congressman Bruce Poliquin, who Golden unseated in 2018.

However, another Republican might jump into the mix. Former Senator Eric Brakey is considering throwing his hat into the ring after his unsuccessful U.S. Senate run in 2018.

Brakey became an established figure in Maine politics for his pro-liberty views and his success in passing pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry.

This race is interesting because Donald Trump carried the 2nd District in 2016, and will be on the ballot again in 2020. Golden could be more vulnerable because Trump might bring out a different set of voters in this election cycle.

In a Facebook video, Brakey stated that he is meeting with “freedom-minded groups” about launching a campaign in the 2nd district.

Brakey, however, did not go into detail about the groups he’s been in conversations with. The former Senator did say that conversations have been “very positive” so far.

Curiously, Brakey has not ruled out a campaign for his old State Senate seat, which is now occupied by Democrat Ned Claxton. But Brakey has communicated with Poliquin about their future plans and stated that running for this congressional seat is “not something I would do without speaking with him.”

No matter the course of action that Brakey takes, having him back in the political scene is a win for pro-liberty individuals in Maine. He had a considerable impact in the Maine Senate, positioning himself as one of the most effective pro-liberty representatives in the nation. That being said. Brakey might be better served at the state level where he can gradually consolidate power and build a grassroots army for future campaigns.