Former Mayor of New Smyrna Beach Endorses Anthony Sabatini’s Congressional Campaign

The 2022 midterms offers a unique opportunity for national populists, liberty conservatives, and other right-wing dissidents to shake up the Republican Party and de-neoconize it. From the primaries to general elections, there are candidates are ready to shake things up within the GOP. 

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini has made it a point to position himself as one of the loudest proponents of national populism within the GOP. From introducing Constitutional Carry in the Florida State Legislature to his support of an immigraton moratorium, Sabatini is bringing a strong combination of flair and legislative substance.

Sabatini’s high energy campaign has caught the attention of several former elected officials such as former mayor of New Smyrna Beach Adam Barringer. 

According to an announcement that Sabatini made on May 2, 2022, Sabatini revealed that he received Barringer’s endorsement for his congressional campaign:

BREAKING: Former Mayor of New Smyrna Beach Adam Barringer has ENDORSED my campaign for U.S. Congress FL-7!

Barringer is a longtime Volusia County community leader & small business owner—proud to have his support

Support my #AmericaFirst campaign here

According to Sabatini’s website, he has received endorsements from elected officials such as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, among others. 

Sabatini is one of the best candidates running for office in the 2022 election cycle. Any liberty conservative living in Florida’s 7th congressional district should vote for Sabatini. Having him in Congress would undoubtedly bolster the liberty conservatives in the House.

Politics is ultimately a numbers game. The more people like Sabatini that enter Congress, the more likely we will see reforms on foreign, immigration, and even monetary issues.