Former WWE Wrestler Glenn Jacobs Releases Book About His Transition from the Ring to Politics

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Glenn Jacobs released his new book Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Politics.

Jacobs is better known as the WWE superstar Kane.

In 2018, the former WWE wrestler became mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

TV Insider asked Jacobs about his journey from WWE superstar and now into politics.

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“It came full circle,” Jacobs stated as he described his journey to Scott Fishman of TV Insider. “If you told me in 1995 that I’d be in an office overlooking the Knoxville Civic Coliseum, I’d look at you like you were nuts…I hope the book is an entertaining read for people because you have the crossover between my wrestling career and the political stuff. I was around and very much part of the ‘Attitude Era,’ so a lot of what people talk about I saw up close and part of it. That part is a great story I can tell.”

Jacobs does admit that he is not nostalgic or sentimental. He never really took many photos or kept a diary from his 30 years of travel around the world, but he does have a good memory.

“Part of my process was going, ‘I think this will be a good story.’ Also, I remember telling someone a story, and I don’t think it’s a really big deal. Then they think it’s really entertaining. So it’s about putting all that stuff together,” Jacobs said. “I’d call people and basically go, ‘Hey, who was here? Where were we exactly?’ I can remember the big picture stuff, but I sometimes didn’t know the details. Then there are certain things that stick out in your mind that you know everything about it. When people mention an event, I can say that was such and such show at such and such arena. I did have to go through what I wanted to say. In some cases I’d have to go back and talk to some people who were there to jog my memory. Then there was the case I was talking to a friend of mind asking why I didn’t put a certain thing in the book. I said, ‘Well if I did,it would be a thousand pages. It was about what goes with the flow of the story of what is really important and doing it in a way that is entertaining and concise as possible. There is a lot of stuff I didn’t put in it that I wish I could. Maybe that will be used for another time.”

By channeling his experiences in the political and WWE worlds, Jacob reached out to The Undertaker and Senator Rand Paul to write forewords to the book. He was overjoyed when both of them accepted.

“I can pretty much guarantee that this will be the only time in history The Undertaker and Rand Paul write a forward for the same book,” Jacobs expressed. “I asked Mark [Calaway] (Undertaker) to do it, and he said he would be honored as well. It blew my mind. Of course, asking Senator Paul was much of the same. Mark has meant so much to my career and to me personally. That was not even a question that I would ask him to do it.”

Glenn Jacobs is one of the most unique stories in the liberty conservative movement.

His election in 2018 showed that star power can be a part of the liberty conservative movement. Hopefully, Jacobs is the first of many celebrity figures who begin running under the liberty conservative fold.

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