German City Plans on Building a Statue of Communist Mass Murder Vladimir Lenin

Breitbart News recently reported about a court in a German city ruling that the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) can now erect a statue of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union and its disastrous economic policies.

The administrative court in Gelsenkirchen overturned the city’s decision to prevent the construction of a monument to Lenin. The Russian revolutionary was the principal leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917 which led to the creation of the tyrannical Soviet Union.

The city made the case that the statue would diminish the historical value of the nearby savings bank building. However, the court ruled that objections over Lenin’s historical atrocities were not germane because the plan has the statue being built ten meters away from the bank, according to a Deutsche Welle report.

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany praised the court’s decision, stating: “A few weeks before his 150th birthday, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin has once again won a great victory.”

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Marco Buschmann, a Free Democrats (FDP) member of parliament from Gelsenkirchen, criticized the decision, saying: “A Lenin statue would be a disgrace for Gelsenkirchen” as “Lenin stands for mass murder and totalitarianism.”

“Anyone who wants to erect a Lenin statue should ask themselves whether they are still grounded in liberal democratic principles or not,” he continued.

In 2017, following the Confederate monument removal craze taking place across the South, activists attempted to remove a Vladimir Lenin statue in Seattle. The statue was first erected in the city in the early 1990s after a local man bought the statue in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Benedict Evans, a local venture capitalist, and over 900 members of the Facebook group named “Seattle, Tear Down This Lenin Statue!” demanded that the monument of Communist tyrant be removed.

“If one wanted to pull down statues of profoundly evil people, responsible for uncountable human suffering, this one might be on the list,” Evans wrote.

Kurt Zindulka of Breitbart noted:

Lenin’s reign as the head of the Soviet Union was marked by mass starvation, the internment of political enemies in gulags (concentration camps), the mass executions of the Red Terror, and the invasion of neighbouring countries.

Lenin ordered horrific atrocities against certain segments of the population that he deemed as enemies of the revolution:

In his persecution of the kulaks — peasants with over eight acres of land — Lenin ordered his men in one instance to: ‘1) hang without fail, so that the public sees, at least 100 notorious kulaks, the rich, and the bloodsuckers. 2) Publish their names. 3) Take away all of their grain. 4) Execute the hostages.’

There’s a clear double standard in the West.

When it comes mass murderers, who held economically radical beliefs like Lenin, the cultural Left gives them a pass.

But any historical figure who held allegedly “racist” beliefs could be subject to a historical desecration.

The modern-day Left’s endgame is to destroy American culture and replace it with a politically correct hellscape, where dissent from the leftist narrative will not be tolerated.

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