Gun Grabbers are Making Texas a Huge Political Priority in 2020

Gun controllers are rolling out major plans to takeover Texas in the 2020 elections and beyond.

Back in February, anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety announced its plans to spend $8 million in Texas during the 2020 elections. It is particularly focusing on U.S. House and state House races. On May 11, the Michael Bloomberg-funded group unveiled its first round of spending which consisted of a $250,000 digital ad campaign singling out Republicans in five pivotal congressional cases in the Lone Star state.

Texas is “clearly emerging as a top battleground state — there’s just no question about it — and it’s why we’re investing $8 million in the state this cycle,” Everytown senior political adviser Charlie Kelly stated. “Between the investment and our network of 400,000 grassroots supporters, our goal is to do whatever it takes to elect gun sense candidates up and down the ballot in the state.”

Everytown is now calling its $8 million campaign in Texas “Gun Sense Majority: Texas,” viewing it as one of its largest state programs to date. It is made up of TV and digital ads, in addition to a direct mail and a field program that its massive grassroots appendages, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action will look to carry out. They will be pushing for certain gun control policies such as universal background checks.

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Everytown is not the only national gun control group targeting Texas this election cycle. Brady PAC plans on spending over $500,000 to gain a majority in the State House. Democrats would have to flip nine seats to gain a majority in that chamber.

“It just kind of snowballed as we lifted up the hood and saw all the opportunities that existed,” the Brady PAC executive director, Brian Lemek, stated.

Giffords, the group named after former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, views Texas as a ripe target for the 2020 election cycle. The group is supporting Democrat MJ Hegar in her race against incumbent Republican Senator John Cornyn. Additionally, it endorsed seven congressional candidates across the state.

Gun groups see potential in the state due to its the growing levels of diversity in the state’s electorate and the down-ballot gains Democrats achieved in the Lone Star state 2018.

Gun owners will have to be on guard in the upcoming years. The Left is foaming at the mouth and will capitalize on the state’s changing demographics to make inroads.

This means that gun owners will have to form alliances with immigration restrictionists in order to choke off Democrats’ future voting base and they will have to push Republicans to live up to their rhetoric and actually pass pro-gun legislation.









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