HATER ALERT: #NeverTrump Erick Erickson Hates on Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-Un

Our favorite Never Trump hater is back at it again.

This time Erick Erickson is criticizing Trump’s recent visit with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea after crossing the Demilitarized Zone in Trump’s efforts to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Erickson said on Twitter that he doesn’t like “our President glad handing with that little monster from North Korea.”

Never mind that Trump pulled off the unthinkable by arranging a meeting on North Korean soil, something no President prior to Trump has ever done.

Indeed, Trump brings a set of negotiation skills that were unheard of from his predecessors.

Neocons enjoy bashing Trump and doubting his every move. But their policies do nothing to advance American interests, with the exception of politically-connected defense contractors and foreign policy bigwigs fanatically obsessed with regime change abroad.

Trump has shown with his meetings with Kim that the right negotiation skills can even bring the most brutal of dictators to the table.

This approach has never been tried before and it’s a very welcome development.

Erickson has a penchant for criticizing anyone who dares to defy Washington, D.C. political norms, so it’s not surprise why he called out Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul not too long ago.

The days of neoconservative regime change are over, and it’s best that Erickson and company get with the program.