Here’s How Gun Control Inc is Pivoting to Destroy the Second Amendment

For those on the Right, the Second Amendment movement has been one bright spot for activism in the past few decades. The success of Constitutional Carry — a movement that only had 2 states with the law right when Barack Obama took office in 2009 and currently has 25 states with the law on the books in 2022 — shows that there is still much to be hopeful about on the Second Amendment front.

However, there are still challenges that lie ahead. For example, the Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) Investigative Journalism Project has exposed one front that the anti-gun crowd wants to exploit. Namely, attacks on gun dealers.

Lee Williams, a writer and editor at SAF published a piece titled “SPECIAL REPORT: ATF Federal Firearm License revocations up a staggering 500%“, where he observed that Federal Firearms License rejections have increased by an alarming 500%. In effect, the Biden regime is prosecuting a war against gun dealers. 

Doug Petrolino of Bearing Arms noted that the ATF used to revoke 40 Federal Firearm Licenses (FFLs) on average annually prior to the Biden regime being installed. 

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However, the Biden regime has implemented more aggressive policies towards gun dealers. Petrolino highlighted that 11 months ago President Joe Biden declared war on “rogue gun dealers.” In that timeframe, the ATF has revoked 273 FFLs. 

Keep in mind, we live in an anarcho-tyrannical state where real criminals are allowed to run loose while law-abiding people get punished by the state for making simple paperwork errors.

Williams’ piece is very revelatory and demonstrates the many perils of administrative tyranny. Bureaucracies are not subject to democratic accountability and can get away with tyrannical policies and not get taken to task for it at the polls. 

Right now Democrats can barely muster decisive legislative majorities to pass gun control in the US Senate or the House. As a result, they must turn to the bureaucracy to carry out their anti-Second Amendment plots. The ATF is the agency to do that trick.

These measures to target dealers are a way to make it difficult for individuals to acquire. For many of these civilian disarmament advocates, the goal is to create a Mexico scenario, where there is only one gun store in the country for people to acquire firearms legally. 

In the meantime, gun controllers will try to close down current gun stores and keep prospective entrants out. This is why the Right needs to get serious about taking on the ATF. The powers that be rely on lazy Republicans to pack things up and head home with regards to ATF. After all, most establishment Republicans only focus on conventional legislative matters, but ignore the tyranny that’s taking place in the legislative shadows. 

A serious liberty conservative movement would be working to dismantle these bureaucracies, which would make it much easier to restore gun rights in America.