House Freedom Caucus Derides ‘Forever War Caucus’ Working to Keep U.S. Troops Dying in Afghanistan

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has penned an op/ed chiding his colleagues who are lobbying President Donald Trump to keep troops in Afghanistan as the “forever war caucus.”

Roy’s op/ed appeared in the Washington Examiner and was co-written by Jason Pye, who works as vice president of legislative affairs for FreedomWorks. They argued that the Afghan war effort is costly, counter-productive, and a human rights disaster. They credit President Trump for pushing for the removal of troops.

“Although the drawdown in Afghanistan doesn’t completely remove our military presence from the country, it continues the process of ending our involvement there almost 20 years after our brave men and women in uniform toppled the Taliban,” Roy and Pye wrote.

The authors hit lawmakers in both major political parties, many of whom receive significant campaign contributions from defense contractors, for wanting American troops to keep dying in the Middle East for a globalist empire.

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“The criticisms of this drawdown in Afghanistan are disingenuous. The question critics of the decision don’t want to answer is, if we don’t wind down our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, when will we do it? The Taliban have met our conditions. Afghanistan held democratic elections. We’ve had a military presence in these two countries for nearly two decades. Some of our soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq either weren’t yet born when Congress passed these authorizations or not old enough to remember the beginning of these wars,” Roy and Pye argued.

They also attacked the Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) passed shortly after 9/11 in its present form, arguing that it has given the the War Party a mandate to push foreign adventurism not permitted under the constitution.

“Congress continues to bind itself to votes cast almost a generation ago by an entirely different Congress. Osama bin Laden is dead, and the Taliban were removed from power. Saddam Hussein was toppled and executed for his many crimes. Yet, both authorizations remain in effect, along with continued loose interpretations from the executive branch to justify any military engagement almost anywhere in the world as long as it has some connection to terrorism,” Roy and Pye wrote.

“Congress must begin to have a debate about repealing the two existing authorizations in favor of a new one that has a narrow scope limited to combating terrorism that is a clear threat to the United States,” they added.

Additionally, the House Freedom Caucus leader Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is also calling for troops to be removed from Afghanistan:

Liberty-minded Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is also on board with the peace plan pushed by his party’s most conservative lawmakers:

The new Republican Party in the age of Trump is an “America First” peace party. However, if Trump is removed from office via color revolution coup, the political establishment will try to turn back the clock on the GOP and put neocons in charge once again.