Illinois Lawmaker Wants to Tax and Fingerprint Gun Owners

Illinois is doubling down on gun control.

Now, gun owners in Illinois may have to be fingerprinted and pay bigger fees to become licensed gun owners.

After the Aurora workplace shooting, which left five people dead, legislators have discussed new ways to crack down on Firearm Owners Identification Card holders.

Capitol News Illinois reports that earlier this week Senate Bill 1966 moved through the full House by the House Judiciary Committee on a strictly partisan vote. The bill’s sponsor, state representative Kathleen Willis, introduced an amendment to the bill which requires FOID card holders to register fingerprints and increase application fees fivefold, from $10 to $50, and reduce the time the license is valid from 10 years to 5 years.

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Willis even suggested that she would support the fingerprinting of every Illinois resident “if it makes the state safer.”

On top of that, the NRA-ILA reports that this amendment also mandates “FOID applicants pay all costs for fingerprinting and processing the background check, totaling around $150 on top of the application fee.” In sum, the price of a FOID card from $10 to $200.

Illinois, which is ranked 41st in Guns & Ammo magazine for most gun-friendly states in America, continues its descent as one of the anti-gun states in the nation.