Iraqi Officials Demand the Full Removal of U.S. Troops by the End of April

Iraqi parliamentary authorities want all U.S. troops out of their country by the end of April, as they attempt to rid themselves of the foreign occupiers who have laid waste to the nation for years.

“The parliament will take a new position if the new round of strategic dialogues between Baghdad and Washington in April ends without a decision on the withdrawal of foreign combat forces from the country,” MP Kati al-Rikabi, a member of the parliament’s security and defense committee, said to Sputnik Arabic.

The “new position” from Iraqi PMs will be to demand an immediate removal of all troops if the U.S. keeps treading upon Iraqi sovereignty.

It was announced last week that the countries would be resuming peace talks for the first time since Biden seized the presidency. The U.S. has stated that they want to keep troops permanently occupying the nation “at the invitation of the Iraqi government and solely for the purpose of training and advising Iraqi forces” and to make sure that ISIS terror forces “cannot reconstitute.”

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However, it is not likely for the sides to come to an amicable arrangement considering how relations between the U.S. and Iraq have cratered. The assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who was murdered on Iraqi soil, has caused the nation to turn even more sharply against U.S. influence.

Liberty Conservative News reported on the disastrous consequences of the unprovoked drone kill shot on Soleimani, an Iranian commander who regularly fought ISIS and Al Qaeda throughout the Middle East:

In response to the call by Shia Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr for a “million man march” on the streets of Iraq to protest U.S. occupation, the Iraqi people more than doubled his request in their widespread display for peace on Friday…

Sayed Sadiq al-Hashemi, who runs the Iraqi Center for Studies, estimated that over 2.5 million Iraqis took place in the protest. Anger over U.S. occupying forces has unified the nation besieged by factionalism since the illegal war conducted by the globalist Bush administration removed dictator Saddam Hussein from power.

“Pompeo keeps going on about respecting Iraqi sovereignty. Well Iraqis want you out of their country,” said Lebanese-American journalist Rania Khalek, who believes that the drone strike on Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani has resulted in a sharp uptick in anti-American sentiment across Iraq.

“Whenever a couple hundred people protest against Iran, it trends on twitter. Yet when hundreds of thousands in Iraq protest against the US? No trending,” she said.

Western media sources have largely blacked out or underreported news of the Iraq protests that show the foreign policy status quo in the Middle East coming unglued.”

The U.S. is experiencing blowback from decades of foreign policy failures. It is past time for the U.S. to leave the poor Iraqis alone and return all the troops home from their doomed mission abroad.

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