Is Journalist Gonzalo Lira Missing?

Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American journalist and writer, based in Kharkov, Ukraine, is suspected of being missing ever since he went incommunicado on April 15, 2020. 

Lira has a YouTube channel where he has been reporting on Russia-Ukraine tensions over the past few months.

Lira was born in Burbank, California in 1968 and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, New York City, and Miami, in addition to Guayaquil, Ecuador. The YouTuber completed his high school studies at St. George’s College in Santiago, Chile in 1985. 

He obtained a degree in history and philosophy at Dartmouth University in 1995. Towards the end of the 1990s, Lira wrote action novels. During the early 2000s, Lira pivoted to filmmaking for a brief period. Around 2010, Lira transitioned towards economic commentary as a writer at Business Insider, Naked Capitalism, Seeking Alpha, ZeroHedge and has appeared on various alternative media outlets such as Gold Money.

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During the Trump era, Lira adopted an alter ego, Coach Red Pill, where he put out content focusing on dating and male self-improvement.  

Towards the end of March, a hit piece was penned against Lira which many in the alternative media space suggested was an underhanded way of tipping off Ukrainian state security services about Lira’s presence. This move could have potentially led to his capture if speculation about him being arrested turns out to be true. 

Lira was originally supposed to make an appearance on George Galloway’s The Mother of All Talkshows on April 17, which led to the initial speculation of his disappearance. 

In response to news of Lira’s alleged disappearance, several Twitter users have called on people to reach out to the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to check up on Lira’s status. 

Some individuals may not like Lira’s style of reporting, but he detailed events unfolding in Ukraine in a manner that would not be found in the mainstream corporate press. In fairness, Lira took a major risk by reporting from a dissident perspective in a country being invaded. Moreover, Ukraine is not the liberal democracy that many mainstream commentators make it out to be as evidenced by its pre-invasion measures to shut down allegedly pro-Russian media outlets.

All foreign policy restrainers and liberty conservatives should send their prayers for Lira. His work has proven to be valuable in this time when mass hysteria has taken root in the West with regards to Russia. If it weren’t for Lira and other dissenting journalists’ work, the US would be on an accelerated path towards getting into a hot conflict with a nuclear power.