Is Thomas Massie the Lone Defender of Free Speech in the US House?

Political discourse in Clown World USA has become so debased that anyone who asks too many uncomfortable questions or opposes pro-establishment legislation is automatically labeled as a “racist”, “bigot”, or “anti-Semite.” That’s how the ruling class establishes conformity. 

On May 18, 2022, the United States House passed a resolution condemning the alleged rise of anti-Semitism in America. The bill was passed in the House on a vote of 420-1.

The sole vote against this bill was Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie. 

The resolution presses politicians, civil society leaders, and religious leaders to use their leadership positions “to condemn and combat any and all manifestations of antisemitism.”

In addition, the resolution calls on individuals to criticize denialist or revisionist accounts of the Holocaust. The resolution also urges the US government to take on the role of fighting global anti-semitism by calling on the US special envoy to monitor and fight anti-semitism.

Massie himself defended his “no” vote. In a tweet he posted on May 19, 2022, he statedI don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought.

This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the 1st amendment.”


Massie will undoubtedly get skewered for this vote. We live in a society where free speech is under constant assault. For now, Big Tech acts as the de facto censor due to the relatively strong free speech protections present in the US. 

However, this will start changing if statist political factions start consolidating their hold in US politics. One way they will be able to facilitate this process is by using the “race” and “anti-Semitic” card to muzzle people shut. 

The fact is that a self-styled liberal society should be allowing all forms of speech, no matter how controversial it is. If it starts to concede that certain forms of speech constitute “hate speech”, the very concept of free speech will go down the tubes in short order.