Israel Expected to Ask U.S. to Double Foreign Aid Contributions During Coronavirus Pandemic

The state of Israel is expected to ask the U.S. to double their usual foreign aid commitment amidst the coronavirus pandemic that is crippling the global economy.

Breaking Defense reports that Israel is hoping for an “early release” of defense funding from the U.S. Tel Aviv is rolling out this emergency plan with the coronavirus pandemic used as the excuse to get more loot from the U.S. empire.

“The situation created by the pandemic is having a huge effect on the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) new multi-year plan to spend between four and 10 billion shekels in additional funds each year to make the army, air force and navy more capable,” wrote Arie Egozi for BD.

“That effect comes on top of the political chaos that left Israel with no acting government for more than a year, almost freezing implementation of the new plan. Big parts of the plan’s acquisition programs will have to be delayed, if not cancelled,” he added.

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Israel is reportedly claiming that their previous deals have forced them into a position where they need more money from the U.S.

“The declining portion of U.S money that can be converted into Israeli Shekels was bad news for the Israeli defense industry when the agreement was signed in 2018. Now, it looks like a disaster,” a senior source told BD.

“If the Americans will agree to give us, for example, the $3.8 planned for 2024 in this year or next year, this will allow Israel to perform some urgently needed procurement programs, and that will help the U.S industry to keep production lines open in this problematic times that are affecting also the U.S.,”

The source added: “In an election year in the U.S more contracts to the American industry is good for the White House.”

If Israel gets their request, they will receive a stunning $21 million per day from the U.S. taxpayer as the economy craters and Americans worry about staying healthy during the pandemic.

“Israel’s position, as it so often is, seems to be divided between the assumption that they can always squeeze a little more out of the US, and concerns that if they press the US at the wrong time, they may risk starting a longer-term rift for what could be a protracted period of economic weakness,” wrote analyst Jason Ditz for

While Israel makes themselves out to be the greatest ally of the U.S., they certainly take advantage of that special relationship whenever there is an opportunity.

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