Jeff Moore is Rand Paul’s Pick to ‘Carry On Walter Jones’s Legacy’ in Congress

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced his pick earlier today to win North Carolina’s Third Congressional District special election, and it is conservative small businessman Jeff Moore.

“We need a new generation of conservative leaders who will fight to defend the principles that made our country great. Jeff Moore is the clear choice for conservatives who want to help President Trump drain the swamp,” Sen. Paul said.

Moore is running for the seat once occupied by the late Rep. Walter Jones, who passed away earlier this year. Sen. Paul believes that Moore is the right individual to continue Jones’ steadfast fidelity to constitutional principles in the US House.

“Jeff has a long record of standing firm on his principles, he’s the right man to carry on Walter Jones’s legacy,” Sen. Paul added, “and I urge anyone who believes in the constitution and limited government to rally to his cause and support his campaign.”

Moore is proud to have Sen. Paul’s endorsement and believes it is a major signal to voters that he is the candidate with the backbone to stand against the swamp in Washington D.C.

“Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement shows our campaign to represent Eastern North Carolina in the House is driven by the pursuit of liberty, clearly marks where I stand on issues, and demonstrates who my allies will be in Congress,” Moore said.

“Every day in D.C., Senator Paul proves his principled leadership by fighting to protect our constitutional rights and his willingness to take on the special interests,” Moore added.

“I’m proud to stand with Rand and am humbled that he has decided to stand with me in this race, and I look forward to showing the voters of the Third District why I’m the Republican who will most capably fight the status quo in D.C.,” Moore concluded.

In addition to running a small business, Moore has served as a community watchdog against government corruption for many years. He also has worked as a risk consultant specializing on international affairs and capital markets. His work on politics and markets is internationally renown, appearing in Fox Business, CNBC, CNBC Tokyo, and the BBC. His qualifications are apparent as he heads into a crowded special election race with the primary elections taking place on April 30.

If Moore wins his position, he intends to immediately join the House Freedom Caucus to align with the most conservative members of the chamber. He would have President Trump’s back against the Democrats, RINOs, globalists, and other interests working to keep America from being great again as a Congressman in North Carolina’s Third District.