Koch-Funded Fake Libertarians Attack Rep. Thomas Massie for Opposing Mandatory Vaccines

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has stood valiantly, as any libertarian-minded individual should, against the scourge of mandatory vaccines.

He made a simple statement against mandatory vaccines on his Twitter account last week, in which he implied that mandatory vaccines enforced by government edicts were anti-American.

While this sentiment would be expected to offend far-left control freaks and maybe even some busybody conservatives, corporate libertarians funded by the Koch Network also took ire with Massie’s common sense pro-freedom sentiment.

Cato Institute constitutional scholar Ilya Shapiro posted a comment explicitly in favor of mandatory vaccines in response to Massie.
Massie responded incredulously to the remark, wondering whether or not Shapiro’s perspective was the official viewpoint of his employer.

This caused other Koch acolytes to dog pile on Massie, such as the openly feminist Reason editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

Massie has been one of the few lawmakers in Washington D.C. who has expressed skepticism toward COVID-19 vaccines. There is currently a fevered push to get these experimental shots into as many people as possible while they are still gripped by the mass hysteria over the virus. He said last month that he does not plan to take the vaccine when it is rolled out.

“I do hope a vaccine is developed soon, but I won’t be taking it,” Massie said.

Massie also said he believes he contracted COVID-19 back in January, which caused him to get sick for four days. He took it easy and recovered, which is what happens to roughly 99.9 percent of individuals who contract the virus.

“I’ve had the ‘rona, and I have recovered from it,” Massie told Glenn Beck in August.

This is far from the first time that corporate libertarians inside the Beltway have betrayed the cause of freedom, as Liberty Conservative News has noted with Cato’s endorsement of the ‘1619 Project,’ which is a left-wing blood libel of the Founding Fathers:

The Koch network continues its drastic shift to the Left, as their public policy organization is throwing the Founding Fathers under the bus in a show of fealty to their new anti-American allies.

Matthew Feeney, who works as director of Cato’s Project on Emerging Technologies, wrote a blog last week in favor of the “1619 Project,” a far-left campaign by the mainstream media and cultural Marxist academics to demonize the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution. They are attempting to declare the true founding of the country as 1619, when slaves first arrived to the continent.

“Such commentary provides an opportunity to consider the state of American race relations and the role of slavery in American history,” Feeney wrote, ignoring the fact that Democrats bring up this point incessantly to divide and conquer the electorate.

Feeney then continued on to repeat leftist dogma verbatim.

“The relationship between black people and the white institutions that oppressed them is one of the most consequential features of American history. The most prominent of America’s contradictions is that its Founding documents were written by white men who owned black human beings as farm equipment, yet they expressed a commitment to liberty,” he wrote.

Feeney even defended the British crown for its supposedly nicer treatment toward slaves than the hateful Founding Fathers.

“The Royal Governor of Virginia John Murray had earlier issued a proclamation, offering freedom to slaves who fought for Britain,” Feeney said.

“To a Virginia slave, housing in a British warship was preferable to the slave quarters belonging to the man who would become the first president of the United States,” he added.

Feeney contends that the demonization of the Founding Fathers and a delegitimizing of the American Revolution can help soothe racial tensions.

“What is clear is that the United States has yet to fully come to terms with its history of racial violence and oppression. In large part this is because we’re accustomed to measuring our race relations progress through the lenses of military, political, and legislative victories,” he wrote.

Feeney included a naked partisan attack in his writings, blasting the supposed racism of former President Barack Obama’s opponents as a justification for joining the movement against the Founders.

“The whole Obama presidency is full of examples of thinly veiled racial language being used against the president and his family. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has used racist language and adorned his desk with a Confederate flag, which he displayed without any hint of irony alongside the American flag,” he wrote.

“If initiatives like The 1619 Project can help Americans better understand their history and institutions then they should be applauded,” Feeney added.

By standing strong, Massie forces the phony libertarians to expose their true colors.