Libertarian Activist of Four Decades Makes a Compelling Case to Re-Elect President Trump

A Libertarian activist of four decades has announced that they will be voting for President Donald Trump to win re-election in next month’s vote.

Libertarian activist Raven West made the case in an op/ed for Citizens Journal that all liberty-minded people should vote President Trump instead of giving a largely ineffectual protest vote for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen.

“Every speech, every interview from Biden is anti-Trump rhetoric, filled with fear and lies. While Trump is out there talking about his achievements over the past four years, Biden doesn’t mention even ONE that he’s accomplished in the 47 years he’s been in politics. NOT ONE! His record on what he’s supported has been horrific, if he wanted to tout what he did vote for, but I think he’s rather keep that all under wraps,” West argued.

The Libertarian activist believes that President Trump is the fighter than America needs in the Oval Office in this tumultuous political climate with the Radical Left advancing against liberty like never before.

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“Trump does what he says, means what he says and doesn’t apologize. Sure, he makes mistakes, tweets more than he should be, but he doesn’t take crap from anyone including reporters or leaders of other countries. I’d much rather have a lion than a pussycat in the Oval office,” West wrote.

“I’m sure my Libertarian friends and my two democratic daughters will be upset with me. My middle daughter agrees with me, probably the only time she did, but this election is just too important to vote any other way,” West added.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on President Trump echoing former Texas Congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul in criticizing the military-industrial complex:

President Donald Trump sat down for an interview on Fox News with Steve Hilton of “The Next Revolution” where the host attempted to goad the President into supporting aggressive wars, but the hawkish host heard a different tune than he was expecting.

Hilton referenced an alleged conversation between Trump and neoconservative Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) where the two men apparently agreed on foreign military invasions but disagreed on exactly where to invade.

“Where does he want to invade, but more importantly, where do you invade?” Hilton asked the President.

Trump disagreed with the characterization that he wanted to invade any country militarily, and expressed his desire for America to triumph over other countries in trade rather than through armed conflict.

“I want to invade, if I have to, economically,” Trump said. “We have created a much stronger country economically than when I took it over… I was in Louisiana opening up a $10 billion dollar LNG plant that would have never been approved under another type of administration,” Trump said.

“We have tremendous power economically. If I can solve things economically, that’s the way I want to do it,” Trump added.

Trump doubled-down from there, explaining that despite his push for a stronger military that takes care of the troops, he wants to avoid any wars caused by the “military-industrial complex” that President Dwight D. Eisenhower once warned about before leaving office.

“Well, I’m the one that talks about these wars that are 19 years and people are just there, and don’t kid yourself, we do have a military-industrial complex. They do like war!” Trump exclaimed.

Although President Trump is far from perfect, he is mounting opposition to the deep state, military-industrial complex, intelligence community, far-left academia, corporate news, international bureaucrats, and other institutional scourges at war with liberty. He is the clear option for libertarians who decide to vote next month.

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