Libertarian Party Attacks Ron Paul for Opposing Foreign Intervention

Libertarian Party Chairman Nick Sarwark has sunk to a new low, implying in a series of Tweets that former Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a foreign agent for not supporting U.S.-backed foreign interventions.

He followed that up by posting an op/ed written a communist who claimed to be a former Ron Paul supporter that apologized for supporting his presidential campaign in 2008 and speculated without evidence that the Paul campaign was an “early test run for Russian interference.”

“Do I think that the Ron Paul 2008 campaign — a campaign that I vociferously supported and convinced those around me to support — was bolstered in some way by the Kremlin? The sad answer for me is, probably yes. Can I prove it? No. There is no smoking gun and there likely never will be,” the communist wrote.

“And unfortunately, the current actions of Rand Paul and his apparent intent on pleasing Russian oligarchs and Ron Paul’s disturbing penchant for constantly deflecting criticism of the Kremlin make it more difficult for me to assume that the Paul campaign was just the unwitting recipient of Russian help in 2008. I would not be shocked to find out there was some level of knowledge on the campaigns part,” he added.

Sarwark recently posted this video supporting the aborted coup of unelected Venezuelan “President” Juan Guaido, urging people to support the plotting of neocon Trump administration officials John Bolton and Elliot Abrams to overthrow the elected government of socialist Nicolas Maduro.

“Libertarians across the country and globe are working every day to make their communities more free,” Sarwark wrote in a blog post about the neocon-led overthrow attempt.

He is also criticizing Ron Paul for not supporting CIA-backed protests against China in Hong Kong:

The Ron Paul Institute posted the good doctor’s address to the Libertarian Party convention in 2016 as a retort to Sarwark’s defamation campaign against the world’s most influential libertarian thinker:

Sarwark, from promoting the embarrassing and disastrous Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Presidential ticket in 2016 to supporting foreign-backed interventions in Hong Kong and Venezuela right now, continues to embarrass the Libertarian movement as it sinks further into embarrassment and irrelevance.