Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Makes Neocon Jonah Goldberg Look Like a Total Fool

Jonah Goldberg, the recently departed contributor at Fox News and editor in chief of the Dispatch, got into quite the internet kerfuffle with Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s twitter account this past weekend.

Goldberg initially posted a National Review article by Kevin Williamson, in which the fellow at the National Review Institute talked about Goldberg’s departure from Fox News, on November 27, 2021. Goldberg allegedly left  Fox News because of the news station’s decision to air Tucker Carlson’s January 6th documentary. 

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Goldberg’s post provoked a firm response from the Twitter account of The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, who quote tweeted Goldberg’s post, declaring “The more neocons that leave Fox News, the more watchable it becomes.” 

From there, an e-squabble kicked off. Goldberg responded to the LPNH’s comment, stating “Gawd, it’s like you’re just Ron Paul’s bitch.”

To Goldberg’s incendiary remark, the LPNH replied “Well, he is right about everything you’re wrong about.”

Goldberg went on to say,  “Well, given that Ron Paul was an apologist for Jim Crow and slavery in his newsletters and then he was too much of a pussy to take responsibility for it, I’ll take it.” 

The recently departed Fox News contributor added, “I love libertarians. I despise the Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, types who make defending Jim Crow sound like the pro freedom position.”

Establishment pundits have ragged on Ron Paul for a newsletter he published in the 90s, which covered in blunt terms the level of dysfunction taking place in American cities nationwide. For some, the content perhaps came off as abrasive, but for those who want sober perspectives on reality, it was a breath of fresh air.

Let’s be real, the policies Goldberg advocates for such as never-ending wars have done much more damage to millions of people worldwide than any mean commentary Paul allegedly penned during the 90s. Actions speak louder than words. 

Paul was never dictating public policy the way neocons were, nor was he lending credence to concepts such as interventionism that actually led to tangible human damage.

Some people need to keep things in perspective. However, that is perhaps too much to ask for from the likes of washed up neocons like Goldberg who prefer to play the politically correct good cop to the Left’s bad cop.