Liberty Conservative Eric Brakey Receives Endorsement from Club for Growth

Former Maine Senator Eric Brakey just received an endorsement from the fiscally conservative organization Club for Growth’s Political Action Committee.

Brakey announced earlier this week that he will start his congressional campaign on September 17, Constitution Day.

Brakey built his reputation as a liberty conservative State Senator in Maine by sponsoring pro-gun legislation such as Constitutional Carry and championing medical freedom through his right-to-try legislation which allows terminally ill patients to use experimental treatments that are still going through the FDA approval process.

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As his campaign launch approaches, more organizations promoting limited government will likely throw their support behind Brakey. Apart from being a staunch proponent of limited government, Brakey is in a competitive district — Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Democratic incumbent Jared Golden won the seat by less than two percentage points in 2018 against the previous Republican Bruce Poliquin.

This is one seat that liberty conservatives could potentially win during the 2020 election cycle. If Brakey is able to pull it off, he will join other solid liberty conservatives such as Rand Paul and Thomas Massie in their battle to limit the size of government in DC.







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