Like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Individual Liberty Goes Up in Flames Under Globalism

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames yesterday, and virtually the entire world was unified in shock and heartbreak by the display.

French authorities are working to make sure nothing changes in the aftermath of this tragedy and the implementation of multiculturalism continues unabated. The fire will be thrown down the memory hole as fast as possible because the action cannot be exploited to fit globalist objectives.

Despite the fact that they admit that a “long and complex” investigation into the blaze will be necessary, authorities are operating under the assumption that the fire was a mistake and not a case of arson or a terror attack.

“We’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we’ll have for the coming years,” French President Emmanuel Macron said, hoping that his nation will sit idly by following the catastrophe.

In many disasters similar to the cathedral fire, the state enforcer class rushes headlong into pushing for some kind of immediate “solution” in the aftermath before the public can recover. Why aren’t they doing it this time? Why are they letting this crisis go to waste?

They want to sweep this under the rug because they realize a backlash would target Radical Islam, and the third-world invaders who are being funded and groomed by globalists to strut into the West and plant their flag of conquest.

While it is worth noting that no evidence has emerged yet connecting the fire to Islamic terrorism, there has been a rash of Muslims burning and vandalizing churches throughout France in recent years.

As their civilization immolates in front of them, politicians blame “militant secularism” for the rise in violence. However, secularists were never much of a problem before all of the Muslims were imported into France at the behest of globalists at the European Union and United Nations.

The scene of iconic churches going up into flames has become a common occurrence in recent years, part and parcel of living in the new multicultural Europe:

Meanwhile, certain libertarians in the United States call for Muslims and other migrants from the third world to be let into the country in record numbers and given essential rights like the ability to vote.

These libertarian voices may be well-intentioned, believing that according to their ideological dogma that no force should be deployed to impede an individual’s so-called freedom to travel. When confronted with the facts of the situation though, their rigid ideology does not stand up to reality.

The globalist body reigning over Europe has opened the borders, and freedom has not blossomed as a result. Take Britain as an example where violent crime is skyrocketing, authorities are restricting civil liberties, religious liberty is no more, and barbaric third-world customs are being codified into law. Corporate profits may be booming due to globalism and liberalization, but the rest of society is crumbling.

Other instances of individual liberty, the rule of law, and common decency being defiled by mass migration include: the European High Court criminalizing criticism of Islam, political dissidents getting their doors kicked in and their property seized, third-world rapists are being regularly let off or given leniency because of cultural sensitivity issues, a liberal mob rallying to stop law enforcement from deporting of a Somali rapist, and a Norwegian politician opposing deportation of the Somali who had viciously raped him.

That is a glimpse of what proponents of globalism and open borders want to reign over the West, regardless of the corporate-bought talking points they may say to the contrary.

While decadent Westerners have certainly lost focus of what it takes to maintain a free society, the status quo could get so much worse. Europe is learning that lesson the hard way as their pathological altruism already has their society on a death spiral.

We will probably never know the truth about what caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, but we definitely know what is killing Western Civilization. Globalists importing third-world migrants in the name of the bizarre cult of diversity and multiculturalism will erase the West from the world, and our core rights will disappear as well.

Standing up to the third-world invasion, now coming to the US with the migrant caravan causing a national emergency at the southern border, is paramount to preserving individual liberty for generations to come. The burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral should be an eye-opening event for liberty lovers to understand the nature of this existential struggle.