Lone Star Gun Rights Exposes a Weak-Kneed Republican in the State Legislature

Lone Star Gun Rights may have discovered a secret FUDD in the Texas State Legislature.

The no compromise gun rights organization sent out a gun rights survey to State Representative Tan Parker of Texas’ 63rd House District.

Instead of answering the survey, Parker’s staff sent LSGR a letter on January 15, 2020 informing the organization “to review Representative Parker’s legislative voting history.”

This move infuriated the gun rights organization.

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On Facebook, they posted a status exposing the letter.

LSGR commented:


This letter was sent by Tan Parker‘s campaign (HD63; Flower Mound) in lieu of our gun rights survey. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable!!! First and foremost, the time Mr. Martin spent drafting this letter took MUCH longer than answering 12 yes/no questions, and signing your name twice. Secondly, pointing to your voting record is such a cop out thing to say, particularly when there IS NO VOTING RECORD on Constitutional Carry!!! You cannot cite your voting record on gun rights when such a record does not exist!!!

The grassroots group then called on its supporters to give Parker a piece of their mind:

Unfortunately, Mr. Parker is unopposed in the Primary, and his only challenger is Democrat Leslie Peeler. While he will easily carry his district again in November, we can send him a clear message that this sort of nonsense is unacceptable!!! Light up his office phone, social media, and email, and make sure he understands just how disappointed everyone is in his clear effort to NOT commit to supporting the restoration of our natural rights!! As always, be kind and courteous, but firm!

To make sure that people followed through in turning up the heat on Parker, LSGR left his contact info below:

Campaign email – info@tanparker.com
Capitol email – https://house.texas.gov/members/member-page/email/…
District phone – (972) 724-8477
Capitol phone – (512) 463-0688

Groups like LSGR play an indispensable role in keeping politicians in check.

All too often, establishment gun lobbies are content on running cover for politicians with mediocre voting records.

LSGR is not one of them. Rest assured, LSGR will be very active throughout the primaries and general election holding politicians accountable on the Second Amendment.

Without their presence, Texas Republicans will in all probability be tempted to embrace gun control.

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