Major Spending Bill that Includes Chain Migration Expansion is Being Snuck Through Congress

Despite seeing one of their amnesty bills being ostensibly killed in the Senate, Democrats’ plans for amnesty have not disappeared. For example, Neil Munro of Breitbart News reported on October 1, 2021 that the bill “would dramatically push up housing prices by expanding the inflow of chain migrants, and also would slash white-collar salaries by creating a new and uncapped migration category of college-educated workers for a huge variety of Fortune 500 jobs from coast to coast.”

Munro continued going off on what this new immigration plan would do to America’s socio-economic landscape:

Together, both migration rules will transfer wages and wealth from employees to coastal investors, and will also shift corporate investment, real estate wealth, government spending, and political power from heartland states — such as Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, and Arizona — to the major coastal states of California and New York.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez are going ahead with a plan to grant amnesty to as many migrants as possible.

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Though Democrats still want to expedite the chain migration process, even if it means that no amnesties are officially passed. Menendez said, “If we’re talking about recapturing visas for family backlogs … I certainly would consider that.”

Democrats have cynically stopped big business’s attempts to import cheap, “skilled” labor unless business bigwigs play ball and help Democrats push for greater amnesties. The whole point of this exercise is to pick up more votes for Democrats, which is why they push for the biggest amnesty plans possible. 

Back in January, Menendez stated, “we need the high-tech community who will benefit from the reforms we are proposing, to be an advocate of the overall [amnesty] reform movement.”

Former White House adviser and staunch immigration hawk Stephen Miller told Breitbart News that “the chain migration [expansion] is something that is supported by the same left-wing activist community as the [excluded] amnesty, and so, as long as they get the chain migration, then the activist left will consider it a fair deal if the business community getting uncapped foreign workers.”

The alliance between the diversity industrial complex and corporate America goes as follows: Big companies get cheap labor and an expanded pool of consumers, while the Democratic Party gets to expand its voter rolls. In effect, this is an alliance between the corporate oligarchs and the multiculturally-obsessed leadership of the Democratic Party. And this will be a fixture of American politics for the foreseeable future. 

John Binder previously explained what chain migration entails:

Extended-family immigration, known as “chain migration,” allows newly naturalized foreign-born citizens the right to send or bring foreign relatives to the U.S., including grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, adult siblings, and their child.

In addition, Munro observed that the “The amnesty’s offer of residency to the 3 million chain migration migrants likely could create an additional inflow of 1 million per year — and an extra shortfall of roughly 800,000 apartments or homes.”

Sadly, Republicans have made little noise about chain migration, whose effects could potentially be devastating towards the party’s electoral prospects and the nation’s overall demographic integrity. 

And here’s the problem: the passage of amnesty begets further amnesty. Soon, we could be talking about amnesties numbering in the eight figures. America should not take such a risk by passing amnesty. The only way to avoid such a scenario is by national populists taking power and imposing their political will i.e. passing an immigration moratorium and other forms of immigration restriction.

America is at a tipping point, and any form of amnesty, could lead to an irreversible transformation for the worst.