Marjorie Taylor Greene Gives Greg Abbott Some Advice on Immigration Policy

Earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott announced a plan to send illegal aliens via bus and plane to Washington D.C. Abbott did so in response to local leaders’ exasperation with the federal government’s dereliction on immigration matters.

In addition, Abbott cited the Biden administration’s decision to lift Title 42, a pandemic public health order, by next month as another reason for launching his plan. The repeal of Title 42 has the potential to increase migrant inflows into the United States. This order has prevented most migrants from entering the US and pursuing asylum for over two years. 

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had constructive criticism for Abbott and his latest gestures on immigration policy. Greene tweeted, “Instead of busing illegal aliens into our country, @GovAbbott should send the National Guard of the great state of Texas to defend our Southern border. He could stop the illegal invasion that the Biden administration is fueling.  Why won’t he?” 

Honestly, If Abbott were to send illegal aliens to blue states, he should focus on dumping them off specifically in the neighborhoods of rich oligarchs who profit off mass migration. That said, Abbott’s current policy is a tad flawed. Not only is he using taxpayers dollars to send illegal aliens across the country, he is ultimately sending them to a jurisdiction that wants illegal aliens. Moreover, these illegal aliens could be strategically moved around the country by the managerial Left, specifically to red areas, given how they are granted sanctuary in blue states. 

After all, sanctuary cities and states enable immigrants to not only reside there with impunity but also allows them to move into the interior of the country and demographically and politically transform red states. 

Abbott can break policy stagnation by having Texas assume control of migratory functions that the United States government has abandoned. 

It’s ultimately red states with strong immigration patriot constituencies that will be the leading way in changing immigration policy. Once enough states pass immigration restriction legislation, the federal government will soon get the memo that it can no longer ignore this issue.