Matt Gaetz Slams Deranged Democrats’ Impeachment Push

Wednesday, Florida Congressman and strong America First advocate Matt Gaetz resoundingly criticized Democrats’ latest efforts to impeach President Donald Trump.

In Gaetz’s view, the “fact-free” impeachment effort was motivated by a “blood lust” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was fooled into conducting a “catastrophic play.”

“The Speaker of the House of Representatives has been functionally ‘catfished’ into a politically fatal impeachment proceeding based on rumors, based on faulty evidence, and based on a blood lust for the President politically that does not serve our nation well,” Gaetz argued.

The Florida congressman argued that Trump was not relying on Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Instead, he wanted Ukraine to resolve the 2016 election interference claims.

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“The favor we seek is cooperation … as we work to determine what activities in the Ukraine may have been in any way involved in the 2016, not 2020, but in the 2016 efforts to interfere with the United States election,” Gaetz claimed.

The Congressman then defended the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

“Mayor Rudy Giuliani,” said Gaetz, “has every right to go to the Ukraine and try to ascertain whether or not activities in that country were harming his client as a result of the corrupt connections, which may have existed between the DNC and some elements in Ukraine.”

Gaetz understands what really is at play. He believes that this recent drama is in line with previous accusations against the President and just another effort to undermine his presidency.

“I saw this movie as it related to Russia and I didn’t like it very much, and I doubt I’m going to enjoy the cheap Ukrainian knockoff. The Speaker has embraced these concerns and I fear that her embrace of impeachment does great damage to the House of Representatives because there may be a time where we will have to exercise our impeachment powers because there is true crime of corruption and the Speaker’s actions have embarrassed the United States Congress and they harm our entire country,” Gaetz sustained.

There is, Gaetz maintains, no “true crime of corruption” here.

“Maybe next time, the radical left will wait for the facts before engaging in a reflexive, fact-free impeachment,” Gaetz said.

However, knowing the Left’s ways, it’s wishful thinking to believe they’ll change their behavior. They will likely continue trying to undermine through impeachment proceedings and other drama because they won’t accept the result of the 2016 elections.