Michael Bloomberg Wants to Delay Your Right to Bear Arms by 48 Hours

AWR Hawkins at Breitbart reported that 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants to implement a 48-hour waiting period on all firearms purchases nationwide.

Hawkins noted waiting periods have been implemented in previous decades.

Democrats were able to enact waiting periods in states like Wisconsin during the mid-1970s. They justified the legislation on the grounds that it would allow individuals to cool off before getting ahold of a firearm to commit a heinous crime.

States likes California have a ten-day waiting period on firearms purchases. However, Hawkins pointed out that the state has recently experienced some of the most vicious firearms-related attacks in the country.

Bloomberg has desires of taking the 48-hour waiting period legislation to the national level.

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The former New York City mayor wants to have “all gun owners … report to police if their firearms have been lost or stolen, within 3 days after they know or should know that their guns are missing.” Bloomberg doesn’t really go into detail about when a gun owner “should know” if a firearm had been stolen. Nonetheless, three days is the reporting window gun owners are expected follow.

Bloomberg has been one of the biggest boosters for civilian disbarment in America. His organization, Everytown for Gun Safety has been leading the charge in brining gun control to state legislatures across the country.

Ironically, Bloomberg employs the services of armed bodyguards while advocating for policies that make it harder for law-abiding people to arm themselves.

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