National Association for Gun Rights Opposes the Nomination of David Chipman

The nomination of David Chipman as the next Director of the ATF has provoked a massive wave of backlash from pro-gun groups.

One of the most vocal opponents of Chipman’s nomination was the National Association for Gun Rights. On the day that the Senate Judiciary Committee (May 26, 2021) held a hearing on Chipman’s nomination, NAGR published a press release condemning the nominativn of Chipman.

“While it’s not shocking that Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer picked Chipman, it’s still a particularly sad day in America when a known gun confiscation advocate is being paraded before the Senate Judiciary Committee as their nominee to head the ATF,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.  

At the present, David Chipman is a radical gun control proponent and a veteran lobbyist for Giffords – a group dedicated to civilian disarmament through gradualist means.

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Chipman worked in the ATF as an agent who was infamously caught posing next to the rubble in the aftermath of the Waco siege. His anti-Second Amendment devotion was awarded after he moved up the ranks and attained the position of Chief of the Firearms Programs Division.

In the past, Chipman has testified multiple times before Congress, where he called for the passage of gun control legislation.

“No U.S. Senator should support David Chipman in this sham of a hearing – and anyone who votes for him is a clear enemy of the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights,” declared Brown.

NAGR vows to score any vote for Chipman during the nomination process as anti-gun. As they should. Other pro-gun organizations should adopt this kind of approach to rating politicians.

The ATF is an unholy bureaucracy that behaves in an undemocratic manner. In other words, its functionaries are not held accountable via the electoral process. As a result, they can get away with awful behavior and still receive bigger budgets because they won’t be subject to the wrath of the voters.

Liberty conservatives should continue turning up the heat on the ATF and start promoting candidates who plan on defunding, if not outright abolishing the agency. Now is not the time to be moderate. 

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