National Association for Gun Rights Political Action Committee Endorses Josh Mandel for the US Senate

On October 11, 2021, the National Association for Gun Rights Political Action Committee endorsed former Ohio Treasurer and State Representative Josh Mandel for the U.S. Senate race in Ohio. 

“The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is proud to endorse Josh Mandel for United States Senate. Mandel has pledged to relentlessly defend the Second Amendment and fight back against the gun control schemes coming out of the D.C. swamp. Josh has fearlessly spoken out in defense of gun rights and the value of the right to keep and bear arms in opposing tyranny,” declared Dudley Brown, Chairman of NAGR-PAC.

Mandel served two tours of military service with the Marine Corps in Iraq’s Anbar Province. He is known for his outspoken conservative values and his willingness to take the Left head on.

“At a time when gun rights are under constant attack from leftist radicals in D.C. who want to disarm law-abiding Americans any way they can, Josh Mandel has publicly encouraged gun ownership for all patriotic citizens. His values and principles echo those of our organization and the members who support us,” declared Brown.

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NAGR is the leading no compromise gun lobby in America. It has set an example for other no compromise Second Amendment organizations to follow as evidenced by its efforts to make Constitutional Carry as the Right’s most successful legislative project in recent memory. 

Should Mandel win the Republican primary, he should cruise to victory against whoever his Democrat challenger will be.  Ohio is a fully-realigned state that has now become a reliable pick-up for Republicans at the Senate and Presidential level. 

Though a Republican winning a statewide seat in Ohio does not guarantee that they will be reliable promoters of liberty conservative causes. Nevertheless, firebrands like Mandel could perhaps set the record straight and allow for Ohio to have proper conservative representation.

As always, conservatives in the Buckeye State will have to hold Mandel’s feet to the fire. Politicians will only behave correctly when they’re constantly pressured by the grassroots. 

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