NBA Player Goes Woke on the National Debt

While sports leagues across America have virtue signaled non-stop since the death of George Floyd, one NBA player is blazing his own trail.

Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie made an announcement that he plans on wearing a jersey with the word “Trillion” on the back.

The New York Post reported that Dinwiddie wants the jersey change once the Nets restart the season on July 31 in Orlando

He is doing so to raise awareness about the level of the national debt, which stands at $26 trillion.

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The NBA and the Players Association are talking about letting players wear a social justice statement instead of their last name on their jerseys, per a ESPN report. This was done in response to the death of Floyd, which has caused national upheavals and relentless protests.

Dinwiddie stated “A lot of issues at the moment. I think the fact that the country is 26 (ironically) Trillion dollars in debt is high on the list.”

The national debt is one of the more overlooked aspects of political debate in 2020. Race baiting has sucked out all of the energy in meaningful political discussions.

Thankfully, individuals in the general culture like Spencer Dinwiddie are thinking outside the box and bringing an important issue to the forefront.

The growing national debt is the embodiment of decades of fiscal irresponsibility. If it is not addressed, future generations will be subject to burdensome taxation and economic upheavals. The sad part is that they had no involvement in those decisions and still must bear the consequences of previous generations’ fiscal negligence.

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