Neocons are Screaming for More Intervention in Syria

Neoconservatives want Trump to take stronger action in Syria.

ZeroHedge reports that the U.S. has sharply rebuked the Russian and Syrian governments as they dial up airstrikes in the Idlib province in northwest Syria.

The last time the Russian-Syrian coalition prepared for a major assault on the al-Qaeda controlled province was in September of 2018. This offensive was ultimately put on hold after the Trump administration threatened another military strike against Assad’s government.

According to Reuters, the State Department criticized this campaign as “indiscriminate” and a “reckless escalation” of violence. A State Department spokesperson declared that “Indiscriminate attacks on civilians and public infrastructure such as schools, markets and hospitals is a reckless escalation of the conflict and is unacceptable.”

The spokesperson concluded, “The violence must end.”

International coverage of recent developments in Syria have pointed to over 200 civilian deaths ever since the Syrian government ramped up its attacks. This campaign against Idlib worries the U.S. and Israel because of the threat of “Iranian expansion” in Syria given the country’s alliance with Russia and Syria. In response to this perceived threat coming from Iran, the U.S. sent a carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Persian Gulf region to defend American interests from Iranian proxy attacks.

A bipartisan group of American lawmakers sent a letter to Trump urging his administration to take more decisive action in Syria. They expressed concerns with Russian intervention, Iran’s expansion, and the presence of extremist groups.

Syria represents another foreign policy quagmire that the U.S. should stay out of.

The neoconservative elements in Trump’s administration like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton would like Trump embroiled in another foreign scuffle. Trump must maintain composure and set the record straight that he’s in charge. As president, Trump has the final say on all foreign policy decisions concerning the use of force.

It’s high time that Trump take a fierce stand against those who want to derail his America First agenda.