New Group Formed to Stop America’s Youth from Embracing Socialism

If we only looked at polls and the mainstream news, you would think that socialism’s rise among Millenials and younger generations is inevitable.

But not so fast.

A new group rallying against socialism has just formed.

Young Americans Against Socialism is trying to beat back the growing tide of popularity that socialism is gaining in America. Thanks to the rise of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more of America’s youth is gravitating towards leftist ideas.

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Founded by Morgan Zegers, a candidate for for the New York State Assembly in 2018, this group is working on social media to recount stories about the horrors of socialism.

YAAS conducts interviews with people who escaped socialist countries and then uses social media platforms to spread their stories.

Zegers told Glenn Beck, “The Left is so good at emotion. The Right, conservatives, people who advocate for freedom and opportunity are not the best at it. So Young Americans Against Socialism is adding emotion to the playbook. We take these emotional, powerful stories of people who escaped from Venezuela, from Cuba, from the USSR: It’s really, really scary, passionate stuff that they tell into the screen, and we put them on very short social-media videos.”

Part of YAAS’s mission is to debunk the false notion of a difference between “socialism” and “democratic socialism.” One of their main goals is to pick apart the myth that Scandinavian countries are a successful example of “socialism”, when the evidence shows that they’re actually mixed economies with many capitalistic features.

During times when countries like Venezuela are collapsing from socialist policies like private property expropriation and runaway central banking, it’s more important than ever to make the intellectual and emotional case against socialism.

Groups like YAAS are more than ready to embrace that challenge.



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