New York Shutdown Forces Kimber Manufacturing to Stop Production During the Wuhan Virus Pandemic

After New York declared its State of Emergency in March, New York-based gun manufacturer Kimber Manufacturing Inc. was forced to shut down its manufacturing in the state almost immediately.

This measure is taking place because the state of New York is only letting businesses that the government classifies as “essential” to continue operating. Firearm manufacturers and sellers do not fall in this category.

Kimber Manufacturing Inc. released a statement regarding this move:

Due to the New York state decision to shutter non-essential businesses as part of the COVID-19 response plan, Kimber Mfg. Inc. has stopped production at its New York facilities.

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Production continues at Kimber’s new, state-of-the-art Troy, Alabama manufacturing facility, with the entire line of handguns and long guns being assembled. Due to the large number of parts manufactured in Yonkers and the state-mandated closure in New York, the Troy facility will suspend production on March 31st. “This situation is unfortunate as we were off to an incredible start in gun shipments in 2020 and were running our factories seven days a week. We would like to thank our dealers and consumers for their overwhelmingly positive response to our 2020 new products,” stated Greg Grogan, the president of Kimber. “With that said, if you are in the market for a Kimber firearm, now is the time to make that purchase.”

Kimber’s Alabama-based customer service and repair services are still open to help customers with any inquiries they have. Additionally, the Alabama-based Kimber online store is open and products are still being shipped out in accordance to inventory stocks. Montana based dealer sales and customer service departments are also staying open.

“We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our dealers and our fans,” Grogan stated. “Rest assured that any disruptions in product manufacturing are temporary, but the duration is out of our hands. As soon as we are allowed, we have plans in place to restart production as quickly as possible.”

In addition to the temporary closure of Kimber’s New York facilities, Kimber has implemented CDC guidelines to protect employee health and prevent the spread of the Wuhan Virus at all Kimber locations.

“Much like all Americans, Kimber will be challenged by these closures,” Grogan commented. “But no one here has any doubt that we will all soon be back in production and stronger than ever.”

New York is one of the most anti-gun states in the country — receiving a dismal 51st place in Guns & Ammo’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings — so closing down gun stores are par for the course for the state’s anti-gun profile.

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