New Zealand Supermarket Stabbing Shows How Terrorist Attacks Are Practically Ubiquitous Throughout the West

No country in the West is exempt from the nasty side effects of mass migration hailing from the Islamic world.  

New Zealand recently fell victim to a stabbing attack on September 3, 2021 when a Sri-Lankan national, Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, stabbed 5 people and injured two others at a supermarket in Auckland. 

Law enforcement briskly responded and killed Samsudeen.

What is curious about this case is that not only was Samsudeen inspired by the Islamic State transnational terrorist network, he was also imprisoned for three years after being caught with a hunting knife and extremist videos. 

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However, as Nick Perry of the Associated Press spelled out, New Zealand authorities “could do nothing more to keep him behind bars.”

Perry noted that “for 53 days from July, police tracked the man’s every move, an operation that involved some 30 officers working around the clock.” However,  New Zealand authorities’ “fears were borne out Friday when he walked into an Auckland supermarket, grabbed a kitchen knife from a store shelf and stabbed five people, critically injuring three.”  

Samsudeen is Tamil Muslim who hails from Sri Lanka and arrived in New Zealand 10 years ago on a student visa. He was seeking refugee status as well, which he received in 2013.

New Zealand police have kept tabs on him since 2016 when he began posting content in support of terror attacks and acts of violent extremism on Facebook. Despite police confronting him on two occasions, Samsudeen continued posting extremist content. 

Back in 2017, police arrested Samsudeen at Auckland Airport. According to authorities, Samsudeen was heading to Syria, allegedly to join the Islamic State insurgency against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. According to the Washington Post, “Police searches found he [Samsudeen] had a hunting knife and some banned propaganda material, and he was later released on bail. In 2018, he bought another knife, and police found two Islamic State videos.”

Samsudeen would later spend the next three years in jail for a number of crimes he racked up. His violent outburst is just  another sign of the many problems that migrants from non-Western backwaters bring to the West. 

Sri Lanka is a country whose Muslim population makes up nearly 10% of the total population. In recent years, there has been a growing influence of Salafist Islam in the island nation, which has increased the amount of extremist incidents. While there are many peaceful Muslims, many of these countries are marked by significant levels of extremism and when their communities start migrating to the West en masse, it’s only a matter of time before extremists start falling through the cracks. From there, these maladaptive migrants will destabilize their new places of residence.

Lawmakers in the West will have to make tough decisions as their countries become more diverse. Diversity is not the source of a country’s strength. In fact, it’s the source of their inevitable social unraveling. If the West wants to avoid this fate, its leaders must fervently push for an immigration shutdown. It’s the only way for the West to preserve its historic identity.

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