NFL Offensive Lineman Receives a Copy of Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” Book from His Wife

Although Ron Paul has been retired from Congress since 2013, his ideas have lived on. They’ve even spread to the most unlikely of corners.

Russell, the Left Tackle of the Carolina Panthers, received a copy of Paul’s book “End the Fed” from his wife on August 8, 2020.

He tweeted, “They say the person you marry determines 80% of your happiness. This one knows me too well and is sending over another new training camp read.”


For many onlookers, this seems like a completely random occurrence. However, the gift Okung received is up the NFL player’s intellectual lane. Okung is a public supporter of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Like former Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ben Askren, Okung is part of a growing cohort of sports athletes that is beginning to embrace digital currencies.

Okung has recently expressed his potential desire to retire from the NFL due to Wuhan virus concerns, Should he retire. Okung may have a bright future as a skeptic of central banking and an advocate for alternative currencies.

The more that people question central banking, the better.

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