Noam Chomsky Says Donald Trump is the Only Western Leader Who Can Bring a Peaceful Ending to the Russo-Ukrainian War

While he is no fan of former President Donald Trump, renowned linguist and left-anarchist Noam Chomsky declared last week that Trump is the “one Western statesman” who has put forward a “sensible” plan to end the Russo-Ukrainian war. 

In an interview appearance with education blogger Thijmen Sprakel on April 26, 2022, Chomsky stated Trump’s reasonable  proposal consisted of “facilitating negotiations instead of undermining them and moving toward establishing some kind of accommodation in Europe…in which there are no military alliances but just mutual accommodation.”

Chomsky alluded to the presidency of George H.W. Bush which was actually quite realist in nature with regards to the collapse of the Soviet Union and other aspects of foreign affairs.

Chomsky commented:

He didn’t say it, but it’s something like what George H.W. Bush — the first Bush, not the second — proposed in the early 90s, when after the collapse of the Soviet Union, proposed what they called a partnership for peace, which would be open for Europeans generally or Asians as well.

Chomsky emphasized that restricting NATO expansion and getting rid of entangling military alliances in Europe is key to securing peace. 

“So going back to the one Western statesman — he didn’t mention all of this but he suggested something similar: move toward negotiations and diplomacy instead of escalating the war, try to see if you can bring about an accommodation which would be roughly along these lines,” Chomsky added. “His name is Donald J. Trump.”

Chomsky stressed that Trump is not his “favorite person” and believes “he’s the most dangerous person maybe in history.”

“But let’s tell the truth: he’s the one person who’s said it and it’s the right way out,” Chomsky conceded. “Others have said it too but not in high positions.”

Political change can come from the least likely of places. Who would have thought that a real estate mogul would usher in a national populist revolution? Moreover, who would have thought that Donald Trump would be putting forward the most practical path to peace in the Russo-Ukrainian war, which the rest of the political class is making sure to prolong in an effort to give Russia its next Afghanistan. 

Politics is an unpredictable beast and because of that we may never know what will happen next. On top of that, politics is all about muddling through. We have to be ready to improvise and work with unlikely allies. 

Despite his flaws, a Donald Trump presidency presents the best hope for peace and global stability. To make sure that a potential second Trump term goes smoothly, liberty conservatives must take it upon themselves to elect more pro-restraint representatives who will push legislation to reduce military aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia and instead pursue a negotiated settlement. 

More importantly, these same representatives will play a bigger role in downsizing the US’s military presence abroad and bringing America back to its restrained foreign policy roots. 

The election of Trump in 2016 has created a fertile environment for foreign policy change and we should continue exploiting it by building a coalition of liberty conservative elected officials to change public policy for the better.