Oklahoma Senator Nathan Dahm Introduces Legislation to Keep National Guard from being Deployed in Unconstitutional Wars

On December 5, 2019, Senator Nathan Dahm filed legislation that would guarantee men and women serving in the Oklahoma National Guard only be deployed according to the strict mandates of the U.S. Constitution.

The “Defend the Guard” act, SB 1101, is designed to prevent the Oklahoma National Guard from being deployed overseas unless Congress fulfills its constitutional requirement of declaring war as described in “article one, section eight, clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution and insurrections as seen in article one, section eight, clause 15.”

“There is a growing movement of people in this country who realize the best way to be pro-military is to follow the Constitution and not put our service men and women needlessly in harm’s way,” Dahm said. “By not declaring war, we are bogged down in endless wars with rules of engagement that tie our soldiers’ hands and do not allow for victory that enables us to bring our service members home.”

Dahm declared that it is time to follow the Constitution and stand up for our service members and their families.

“The best thing for our men and women in uniform is for them to be at home with family, especially during the holidays, work their jobs and be ready to defend us if needed,” Dahm said. “Our Oklahoma Guard has been stretched thin with multiple deployments overseas, adding strain in multiple ways to our state. President Trump and other strong military supporters have seen the benefit of bringing our troops home. This bill is a way we can work towards this goal.”

Senator Dahm continues to shine and demonstrate that he is one of the most principled liberty conservatives in America.