Open Borders Activists Connected to Soros Network Clamor for Mass Amnesty

Several organizations connected to billionaire oligarch George Soros rallied on September 21, 2020 calling on legislators to grant “citizenship for all” illegal aliens residing in the United States.

This rally came right after Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth capsized an amnesty plan for illegal aliens that involved amnesty provisions being included in Senate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package.

Disappointed by this development, open borders organizations like CASA de Maryland, Make the Road NY, United We Dream, United Farm Workers, the SEIU, and the Center for Popular Democracy gathered inWashington, DC to push for Congress to include amnesty in the budget package irrespective of MacDonough’s ruling.

Breitbart News has previously covered how CASA de Maryland, United We Dream, and the Center for Popular Democracy have financial connections to Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer teamed up with California Senator Alex Padilla and New Jersey Bob Menendez to speak at a rally along with activists who formed part of the Center for Popular Democracy. 

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar also gave a speech at the rally.

“Last night’s ruling was extremely disappointing,” Schumer declared on September 20 the day MacDonough’s decision took place. “It saddened me, it frustrated me, it angered me because so many lives are at stake … Senate Democrats have prepared alternative proposals.”

“During covid, immigrants — documented and undocumented — risked their lives to help others and we are so proud of them and they are so much part of America,” Schumer added.

John Binder detailed how Democrats’ amnesty plans have been many months in the making:

For months, Democrats had hoped to slip an amnesty for illegal aliens enrolled and eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, those employed on United States farms, those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and those deemed “essential workers” into their budget reconciliation package.

Binder added on what the costs of this amnesty would look like:

In August, a budget resolution framework put forth by Democrats revealed the amnesty would cost American taxpayers at least $107 billion.

Following MacDonough’s ruling that dashed Open Borders Inc.’s plans, Menendez unveiled that Senate Democrats are pursuing a different kind of amnesty. Binder observed that it “would give green cards, and eventually naturalized American citizenship, to any illegal alien who claims to have lived in the U.S. before January 1, 2010.”

Menendez claims that Senate Democrats will soon make the case to MacDonough for amnesty to be tacked on to the budget reconciliation package. By pursuing this route, the amnesty provision will only need majority support in the Senate.

Democrats know that a straight amnesty bill has no chance of passing at the moment. So, they’ll have to get shifty and use underhanded schemes to pass this kind of legislation. Liberty conservatives must apply as much pressure on their Senators as possible to prevent amnesty from being put in a budget bill — a piece of legislation that has nothing to do with immigration.

Protecting the Historic America Nation requires eternal vigilance and we cannot afford to get caught slipping in this amnesty fight. 

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